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5 Ways To Wear Jewelry At The Beach

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Summer is coming and even though people will tell you that wearing jewelry to the beach isn't practical- we can't help but disagree. Here's our proof!

1. Hold My Hoops

According to thick and medium width hoops are the way to go this spring/summer. Try choosing a bright and colorful pair to really set your summer on fire. 

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2. Body chains.

Wear these with your favorite swimsuit and instantly turn heads. Make sure you buy a quality body chain that won't rust or snag your swimsuit. We all know how expensive bikinis are and once we find a good fit, we might as well marry it. At we do not carry body chains. We found this beautiful chain at Urban Outfitters.



3. Dainty Earrings.

Stay cool but fashionable by wearing multiple dainty studs and hoops. 2018 is a very strange year for fashion. It seems like you can't go wrong as long as you pick the largest- or tiniest option. We're seeing lots of extremes this year and we're ok with it!

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3. Summer in Bloom

Who would have thought that your grandma's oversized floral earrings would start trending? We have Blake Lively to thank for this. 

Honestly, we tried to hate it... but instead decided to jump on board. They actually turned out to be perfect vacation earrings. We're in love!

Baddie Winkle approved. 

4. You guessed it. Tassels...

Although we wouldn't suggest you go surfing or swimming in them, they are a definite must-have this summer. Take them to a beach party, pool party, or brunch where you're planning to rock a cover-up or high fashion bikini.

...heavy breathing.

5. Chokers

Opt for a dainty choker that won't leave an aggressive tan line.

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A few tips for our beach babes:

  • Cold water will make your hands shrink so be sure to remove your rings before getting wet or you may lose them.
  • Don't forget your SPF!
  • The beach is a great place to meet new friends or a potential new crush. It never hurts to look awesome!
  • Don't worry about wearing makeup. Natural skin is beautiful! If you feel self-conscious about your skin, try a BB cream or tinted moisturizer like this one from Nars which contains SPF and has great sheer coverage!


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